We at Donal Reilly & Collins have extensive experience in the following areas in the Compliance / Regulatory sector:

Regulatory Work

We have advised and assisted Associations and Professional Organisations on the setting up regulatory frameworks for professional members and assisting in the implementation and subsequent interpretation of this framework including Complaints, Discipline, Accreditation, Training and Ethics including advising on Governance issues, and alternative structures of Governance.

Disciplinary Work

We have assisted Professionals (including Accountants and Solicitors) requiring representation before regulatory investigations, and Defence work for professionals undergoing disciplinary procedures or enquiries.

We have also conducted Internal Appeals, Judicial Review and Court challenges to findings and orders of Regulatory or Disciplinary Bodies.

Education Law.

We at Donal Reilly and Collins Internal Appeals (including Section 29 of the Education Act 1998) and Judicial Review and Court Challenges to Expulsions, Suspensions and incorrect implementation of accreditation or exam/test criteria in Colleges, Training Colleges, Schools.

Child Protection Law

Advice on Application of Child Protection provisions in Schools and Creches, and representation in respect of litigation arising from the application of Child Protection Provisions.

Adminstative Law and Judicial Review.

We have advised clients in receipt of proceedings for judicial review or statutory notices on Damage Control of same.

We act in the defence of Accountants and Solicitors

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Practice areas

At Donal, Reilly & Collins we can offer legal advice on many aspects of the law. Please use the contact us section of our website and forward your query to us.

Our People

Donal Reilly & Collins have high calibre solicitors that have a very diverse knowledge of many areas of the law. We grew from a general practice to having extensive experience in several disparate fields.



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