Environmental Law

The recognition of the Environment as a resource to be protected by legislation has increased over the last few decades. There has been a significant increase in domestic and European legislation in the area. The individuals rights to participate in the process, and their right to do so at affordable costs, have advanced. Standard property law practice has yet to catch up with the new developments in Environmental law that affect the purchase and sale of property.

Through our firms participation in Environmental litigation and hearings, for example, oral hearings, Judicial Reviews and Nuisance actions, we have built connections with a network of experts in Environmental matters. We can offer guidance on all aspects of Environmental litigation and hearings in respect of large projects such as Landfills, Anaerobic Digesters (Bioenergy/Biogas facilities), from preemption and preparation, to costing and funding. We can also assist in due diligence in the purchasing or selling of property (including company sales) where environmental or contamination matters may arise, including tailoring particular requisitions.

•    Board Pleanala Oral Hearings
•    Pollution notices and environmental prosecutions.
•    Nuisance, Trespass and Noise pollution
•    Judicial Review (Waste Licenses, Planning Permission etc) See our  Judicial Review section
•    Due diligence on companies and properties where environmental concerns may arise.
•    Advice on avoiding or preempting, costing and funding environmental litigation.

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