Employment Law


We offer advice and assistance in relation to Employment matters including the following:
• Employment contracts
• Breach of terms and conditions
• Unfair dismissals, termination of employment and redundancy related matters
• Bullying & harassment and other grievances
• Disciplinary procedures

We encourage and work towards avoiding/preventing contentious matters in employment situations.  However if this is not possible we can act on your behalf in all aspects of employment disputes including claims before the Employment Appeals Tribunal and/or the Civil courts.    
If you are an Employer you should be aware of your statutory obligations in relation to your staff.  It can be difficult if you are trying to run a business to maintain this level of awareness. However if you are not meeting your most basic obligations (for example, your obligation to provide your employees with certain written information within two months  of his or her commencing employment with you ) then you are inevitably going to land in trouble at some stage.  The legislation affecting this area is regularly amended. We believe that if Employers are pro active in setting up and implementing good procedures in advance then  it is  possible to avoid contentious disputes.  We can assist in this as we provide a comprehensive service including :
• drafting of employment contracts
• advice on termination of employment and redundancy related matters
• advice on transfer of undertakings
• advice on bullying, harassment and grievances

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